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As such, even simple infection control prevention strategies can be overlooked by staff members resulting in healthcare associated infections (HAI). Other sources of HAI’s may include:

  • Ineffective cleaning, decontamination, and sterilization of instruments and equipment
  • Inadequate monitoring of cleaning and sterilization processes
  • Inappropriate use of prophylactic antibiotics
  • Shoddy hand washing and/or scrubbing of peri-operative surgical staff
  • Improper skin preparation of the patient’s surgical site
  • Break in aseptic and/or sterile technique during the surgical procedure
  • Lack of environmental controls (pertaining to room cleaning, temperature/humidity, etc.)

The Bactronizing process kills

  • MRSA
  • VRE
  • H1N1
  • Many other blood borne pathogens

Bactronix Nova has created an effective infection control program, which contains the follow aspects:

  • Comprehensive training & education
  • Assessment & testing
  • Effective products & equipment
  • Monitoring & compliance

Our infection control program will be warranted with the Bactronix Nova “Seal of Certification” called the BactroSeal. Certification is based on maintaining low levels of contamination. The Bactronizing process will have your facility odor free, safer and healthier for your patients and staff.

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