Helping the Community

The team at Bactronix has been helping the community stay safer during these times. Our exclusive Two-Step Bactronizing Process helps eliminate the spread of COVID-19. We have spent the past several months treating homes, public facilities, transportation and more! Read about some of our many highlights. The Allegheny County Airport Authority is taking measures to ensure their staff is safe during the Pandemic of COVID-19. They have partnered with us to help them in “Fighting the Invisible Enemy” against this devasting National Emergency . Bactronix Corp® is disinfecting all vehicles at Greater Pitts-burgh International Airport and the Allegheny County Airport. Congratulations to their administrators for being proactive to keep their staff and ultimately you safe with this decision. Here are some photos of their efforts.

Bowser Automotive in Pittsburgh has used our disinfecting services
for the past 6 years. Now during the pandemic they are able
to continue providing safer vehicles for their customers during these times.

When salons were given the green light to reopen, Bactronix was able to provide treatment services creating a safer environment for stylists and their guests. Our salon disinfectant, BactroKill C3, is used to disinfect salons nationally. Our BactroKill C3 ecoresponsible for profession salon use.

Campers at Bear Run Camp Ground enjoy a stay in
Bactronized cabins. Bactronix treated all cabins and
public facilities on the camp ground.

National Recognition

Bactronix was featured on several news stations and radio programs throughout the pandemic to inform what we have been doing to help others stay safe. Having a team prepared to be on the front lines set us apart from the competition and the press took notice.

During this pandemic, Bactronix set its sight on national growth through franchises and distribution. We are training and certifying 3-5 franchises each mont. Our mission at Bactronix is to service customers anywhere in the US with our advanced testing, report and treating with our eco-responsible Bactronizing Process. We hope everyone stays safe and healthy during this pandemic. Bactronix is always here for you an any of you disinfecting needs.

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