Bactronix: Fighting the Invisible Enemy on the Front Lines of COVID-19
Since the pandemic hit our country the beginning of March 2020, the Bactronix Team has been working nonstop on the front lines. Our slogan is “Fighting the Invisible Enemy”, which is exactly the battle we have been fighting in the world today and will continue to fight. Our highly trained Bionomic Specialists are experts in microbial control. During the pandemic we are helping public facilities, government agencies, hospitals, schools and residences stay proactive in the fight. Our company has grown 1,000% and has branched off nationally with new franchises across the US. Bactronix was founded in 2011 with many years of extensive research before that. Many cleaning companies are now offering disinfection during the pandemic who do not have a deep understand of microbial control. Always choose a company that is trusted with experience.

How Can Bactronix Help You
Extensive Evaluations- Our Bionomic Specialists provide extensive testing to fully diagnose a home or facility. It is important to understand the conditioins that promote microbial activity in an environment . Our Specialists use a number of diagnostic testing equipment such as ATP, culture, spore trap analysis, air quality testing, moisture meters and and others methods. It is important to know that you can’t manage what you can’t measure. However, our biggest announcement in testing this year sets us apart from the rest!

Bactronix always stays on the cutting edge and invests in advanced technology. In order to help homes and facilities more service, we now provide testing for coronovirus / SARSCoV-2 on environmental surfaces. With this capability our certified Bionomic Specialists are able to test hard and soft surfaces in homes, schools, offices, restaurants, care facilities, medical facilities, vehicles, etc. These tests are then processed by lab technicians at our “In-House, State of the Art laboratory” for diagnostics. These tests will produce positive or negative results within hours. In case of positive results, we can treat with our exclusive Bactronizing Process, allowing you to be back in business shortly thereafter. If you, a coworker or loved one was recently diagnosed with COVID-19 we can hep you with our testing and disinfecting services.

Exclusive Two-Step Bactronizing Process- Our process eliminates viruses, bacteria, mold and odor. Our pro-cess is eco-responsible and is applied through advanced electrostatics. The electrostatic equipment allows for 100% coverage on all surfaces in a facility or home. Step One is our EPA registered hospital disinfectant and Step Two is our EPA registered protectant. Once our process is applied by our certified technicians, you will receive before and after testing results along with a certification. The Bactronix Two-Step Bactronizing Process is ideal for treating homes or facilities with COVID-19 concerns, mold remediation, odor control and bacterial infections.

Maintaining a Healthy Home or Facility- BactroKill is our EPA registered, hospital disinfectant that is eco- responsible. BactroKill is a “spray and go” formula making disinfection easy. Use for daily cleaning and disinfecting. During the pandemic or cold/flu season focus on applying BactroKill on high touch points throughout a home or facility. Purchase BactroKill at our online store at or at any participating Busy Beaver, True Value, Do It Best, Ace and Ace Fix-It hardwares. Door Knobs,Light switches,Refrigerator handles,Keyboards,Remote controls,Bathroom areas,Baby car seats.

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