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Recent studies have demonstrated that disease-causing bacteria can linger for days on airplanes.  The surfaces in the study included the armrest, the plastic tray table, the window shade, the seat-back pocket, and the metal toilet button. MRSA survived on the seat-back cloth pocket for 168 hours. E. coli survived on the armrest for 96 hours, the tray table for 72 hours, and the toilet handle for 48 hours. Why risk getting sick on planes? Take Bactronix’s P3 Product with you and ensure your travel will provide less of a chance of becoming ill.

Bactronix Nova uses a totally green disinfecting solution
to eliminate mold, mildew, and other harmful viruses and bacteria found on airplanes.

Bactronix Nova has developed a complete antimicrobial protocol for On and Off wing operations.
The Bactronizing Process improves cabin air quality, reduces and controls bacteria, mold, and odors.

Our revolutionary 2-Step Bactronizing Process is applied electrostatically to ensure
100% coverage to help foster the health, safety of your crew and passengers.


We provide antimicrobial protection for:

• Upper and lower diffusers  • Fore and aft galley chillers  • Airflow restrictors  • Fore and aft duct systems  • A/C packs

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