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Whitecap Cleaning is a part of the Whitecap Enterprises family, a group of innovative firms with deep core values providing essential services throughout America. Whitecap Cleaning was created to restore confidence in society that workplaces and homes can once again be as safe as possible.

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What We Provide

Whitecap Cleaning has partnered with Bactronix Corp, a leading developer of eco-responsible science-based solutions to eliminate mold, mildew, viruses, and pathogens from premise buildings – both commercial and residential – all delivered with exceptional service and care.

Core Values

Whitecap Cleaning is dedicated to these five core values in all that we do:

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Trust & Integrity

By doing the right things. we will earn the trust and respect of the employees, clients and communities we serve.



We believe in exceptional enhanced cleaning services through employee training and enabling our staff the ability to address client questions and solutions quickly.

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Always Deliver

Always deliver on that which is expected, promised, and hoped for.



We are role models to those we serve. We lead by example in delivering flawless service and demonstrating commitment to our core values.

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We believe in exceptional enhanced cleaning services through employee training and enabling our staff the ability to address client questions and solutions quickly. Unparalleled client service is the foundation for everything. Anticipate needs and make client’s satisfaction our overarching goal.

Our Passion

To provide an experience of extraordinary and attentive service, to invest in industry-leading technology, to commit to our core values and service the health and wellness of our client community.



Purpose And Mission

With a philosophy of family first and a focus on health and safety, Whitecap Cleaning provides a portfolio of health and wellness services that tackle critical issues of safety and health for both commercial (workplace) facilities and residential homes.

We are determined to be leaders of service within our industry, for our clients, our community, and for all those we serve. We invite our clients and employees alike to participate in our company-led outreach opportunities in partnership with local and national charities. We are dedicated to an environment of learning, happiness, and personal growth within our workplace so that every team member understands they serve a vital role within our family. We believe that each employee’s personal joy found in working with us will positively impact our client’s ultimate experience when contracting services with us.

Founders Letter

As young entrepreneurs, we are writing you today in an effort to share knowledge about a company we started to help return Northern Virginians to some normalcy and to work by providing best in class testing, treatment, and disinfecting products and services that can help eliminate and combat viruses (such as covid / sars / mers), mold, fungi, bacteria and other harmful pathogens.

We are Chase Shiring and Colin Seltzer and we have both grown up in Northern Virginia and call it home. During this pandemic, we have witnessed the loss of life, good people losing their jobs, and students losing out on milestone achievements and special occasions through no fault of their own.

We have decided not to stand idly by and watch more people lose life or those special moments.

With that said, we began researching how we can make homes and work places safer for all. Through our research, we found an anti-microbial company, Bactronix, that has spent over ten years producing science-based eco-responsible solutions applied electrostatically to ensure complete coverage of all surface areas being treated, also known as nano-technology.

We have developed our website and brochures to further share the story of our company and the services we provide while at the same time providing you with valuable information. We would very much welcome the opportunity to meet with you, learn more about your critical needs and bring a solution that will help you, your staff, and Northern Virginians return to their homes and places of work as safe as possible.


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